Director Election

The Process BeginsDirector elections are right around the corner, and nominating committees have been busy. The committees review a list of those interested in running for the board, based on the results of the Member Involvement Survey, distributed in February. They may choose to approach other Co-op
members, who they feel would be an asset to the board. They use every means at their disposal to come up with the best slate of candidates.

Nominating Committees:

Director District 2 (seat currently held by Priscilla Parsons)

  1. Abisai Fuentes, Chairman
  2. Steven Garza
  3.  Bay Laxon

Director District 3A (seat currently held by Jan Metcalf)

  1. Cindy Whitehead, Chairman
  2. Constance Kilgore
  3. Donieta O’Keeffe
  4. Amelia Wysocki

Director District 4 (seat currently held by Cody Whitehead-Burns)

  1. Howard Wakefield, Jr., Chairman
  2. Linda Sharlow
  3. Lance Saathoff, Dos Alemanes Farm, LLC
  4. Patricia Hope

Director District 7 (seat currently vacant)

  1. Debbie Aufdengarten, Chairman
  2. Scott Wash
  3. Chris Spencer

Director District 9 (seat currently held by M. Keith Richardson)

  1. Brian Archuleta, Chairman
  2. Bennie L. Richardson
  3. William Riley

Each person recommended by the nominating committees, running by petition, or as a write-in candidate, must meet the same eligibility requirements listed in the RGEC Bylaws, which can be found online at Rio Grande website.

Running By Petition. There is another way to become a candidate, and that is to file by petition. To do so, a member must meet the same eligibility criteria as those candidates selected by the nominating committees. Fifteen (15) or more members from the district in which a petitioner is seeking a seat must sign the petition. The affidavit of eligibility and signatures must be submitted to RGEC by August 10, 2021. A Petition Package can be found under the “Forms” tab on Rio Grande website. Those who meet the deadline, are certified as candidates, and who provide a bio and photos, will be included in the Candidate Profiles, which accompany both the online and mailed ballots. Profiles may also be featured in the September edition of Ranch and Rural Living Magazine.

Write-In Candidacy. There has been at least one successful write-in campaign, which resulted in an election to the board. In order to become a director in this way, a member must meet the qualifications in the RGEC Bylaws, and complete an affidavit of eligibility upon being elected.

Voting. Voting begins at 10 A.M. (Central) September 7, and closes on October 6, at 10 A.M. (Central). Remember, you have the option of casting your ballot by mail or electronically, but one membership still equals one vote! If you plan to cast your ballot electronically, please
add the following domain to your safe sender's list: RGEC has contracted with a different company to conduct the election this year, so it is very important that you update your safe senders/whitelist in order to ensure you are able to receive all RGEC electronic election materials. Results of the election will be announced during the emPOWER Summit, RGEC’s 76th Annual Meeting, Saturday, October 9.

Director election deadline