CEO Special Message — Winter Storm Billing

Rio Grande Electric Cooperative consumers protected - no major bill spikes from winter storm

Roger Andrade headshot“I wanted to reassure our Co-op members that the electric customers you are hearing about on the news who have been impacted by major bill spikes are seeing the result of electric rates controlled by variable price billing, and this makes them subject to the sudden price swings in the wholesale energy market. Rio Grande’s base rates are fixed, and any actual rate changes would only be after a thorough review process, and, if deemed necessary, authorized by the Rio Grande Electric Cooperative (RGEC) Board of Directors. We do anticipate reinstating the Energy Power Cost Adjustment, which was discontinued last fall, but do not expect this to have a noticeable impact on consumers' bills”, assured RGEC CEO, Roger Andrade.

RGEC residential consumers can rest assured that they will not be receiving an electric bill for $10,000 as some consumers are seeing. Consumers can expect bills to be more than usual due to increased heating usage. Unfortunately, most Texas homes are not insulated for the freezing temperatures experienced and heating systems worked extra hard to keep the home warm. We understand that some members may not have been able to work during this time and as a result have been impacted financially. Please contact your local RGEC customer service representative by visiting our Contact Us page, if you need assistance with setting up a deferred payment plan.

Roger Andrade