RGEC Projects 2022


Area Operations Manager Shane Trussell relates that the primary projects in this area this year will include system improvement projects, including the upgrading of the Persimmon Gap Substation.

A planned upgrade in Big Bend National Park, from Panther Junction to Rio Grande Village includes the replacement of approximately 325 poles (many in solid rock), hardware, assemblies, and cross arms.

Mr. Trussell and his crews will have a full calendar of projects, all in an effort to improve system reliability in one of the most challenging regions in the RGEC system.


The Brackettville Operations Area has several projects underway, which began in 2021, and will conclude this year. The first, the Fawcett Tap System Improvement, involves the replacement of approximately 14 miles of single-phase line. This includes the replacement of approximately 200 new poles, hardware, and conductor (line) on a feeder line serving North of Comstock to the Dolan Creek area. This system improvement should correct voltage issues in the area.

The Comstock to Langtry System Improvement project includes the replacement and upgrading of approximately 11 miles of three-phase and singlephase line. It requires approximately 150 new poles, hardware, and conductor on the Comstock Feeder #1, which runs Northwest of Comstock Substation, towards Langtry. This improvement project should improve service to the three-phase line which feeds Langtry.

Carrizo Springs

In this operations area, the year begins with the completion of the Carrizo Springs Substation upgrade. Area Operations Manager Mark Byrom explained that there are three important work orders expected to be completed during the first quarter of the year, to improve system reliability. The first of these is the Star Food project, which will benefit members in the La Pryor area. This involves the replacement of over 40 poles and cross arm assemblies along Highway 57.

The second is a project simply designated as “Horse Trap”. Also deemed a system reliability project, this project also will serve members in the La Pryor area. In order to successfully complete this project, crews will replace 27 existing poles and cross arm assemblies with new ones.

The third project requires a new set of Nova reclosers, and will replace hydrauylic reclosers currently in use in the Hwy 277 and FM 191 area. This will assist with long term interruption in the “Joe’s Place” area.

Dell City

Area Operations Manager Catarino “Cat” Aranda reports three system improvement projects to begin this month, all of which are related to the Cornudas Feeder #2. The maintenance will cover approximately five miles of three-phase line, which involves the replacement of 74 poles and cross arm assemblies, and the addition of lightning arresters to improve reliability to the Desert Haven and Deer Mountain areas. Maintenance will continue throughout the year on an additional 12 miles of three-phase line.

El Paso

This operations area primarily serves Fort Bliss. Among the priority projects at the base this year will be the completion of the North Bliss Substation transmission upgrade. RGEC has been working in conjunction with El Paso Electric, the transmission provider, to incorporate two additional electric transmission points into the distribution system. This project, which began in March of 2020, should conclude this month.

Another important project slated for this year involves sectionalizing Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) switching for system interruptible taps and feeders. Crews will be installing overhead automated devices to remotely control from the RGEC control center.

Overhead Transformers & Pole Replacement projects this year will include the replacement of approximately 196 poles, over 14,220 ft. of conductor, the installation of 71 new LED lights, and approximately 20 overhead transformers at various locations inside the Ft. Bliss Installation.

In yet another project, RGEC crews will be removing existing aging infrastructure and replacing over 17,994 ft. of underground conductor and approximately 15 pad mount transformers at various locations.

Fort Stockton

This area will be concentrating 2022 efforts on the replacement of 26.5 miles of poles, cross arms, and lightning arrestors on the Pat Lee Substation Feeder #1, which will benefit members in the general area bounded by Sanderson, running north, towards I-10. This amounts to approximately 350-375 new poles, and associated cross arms, hardware, and conductor. Area Operations Manager Gavin Forst and his crews will be staying busy with system improvements, which will ultimately provide improved service and reliability for members in this area.

Laughlin AFB

Project Manager Julisa Luna reports three overhead to underground infrastructure conversions will take priority at LAFB in year 2022. The first segment is 1.6 miles, the second is .39 miles, and the third is .35 miles. These projects are within the “city-type” structure of the base, and are considered “Renewal & Replacement” projects.

Street Lighting has been an ongoing initiative at the base since RGEC’s contract with Laughlin began. Two prominent lighting projects include the relocation of ten existing LED lights on wooden poles to new metal poles along 4th Street; and the relocation of 7 existing LED lights on wooden poles onto new metal poles and the addition of three new LED lights, also on metal poles along Arnold Blvd.

Laughlin will upgrade the existing Spofford Radio Tower at Spofford Auxiliary Strip Fire Station. The current transformer is 25 kVA and will be upgraded to 37.5 kVA, to meet the requirements posed by the new radio tower being installed.