Official Notice of 76th Annual Meeting

This is to notify you that, in accordance with Section 1, Article III of the bylaws, as amended, the Annual Membership Meeting of Rio Grande Electric Cooperative, Inc. (RGEC) will be held virtually at on our emPower page at 10 am (CDT), Saturday, October 9, 2021, for reports and transaction of other Cooperative business that may properly be presented by the membership.

In accordance with RGEC Bylaws, the following candidates have been selected, from which 5 directors are to be elected to fill vacancies created by the expiration of specified terms of office, retirement, or other, as indicated:

Director District 2

  • Priscilla Parsons (Incumbent)
  • Abisai Fuentes

Director District 4

  • Howard Wakefield, Jr.
  • Stephen Haynes

Director District 9

  • Grant Spence

Director District 3A

  • Jan Metcalf (Incumbent)
  • Donieta O'Keeffe

Director District 7

  • Mark Daugherty
  • Mark Chiles

Voting on election of directors and voting on any issue required by law or articles of incorporation to be submitted to a vote of the members, shall be by mail only and may also include, at the option of the board, an electronic method of returning a ballot or vote. The method of casting votes by mail and electronically, the formats of any ballot for election of directors or any other issue to be voted upon by the members, and the procedures for mailing ballots and returning them by mail or electronically, shall be determined by resolution of the board of directors from time to time. All results of any such election or voting upon any other issue shall be certified and announced at the annual meeting of the members or any special meeting of the members and shall be effective at that meeting, or at any adjournment of that meeting. Ballots or electronic votes must be received by October 6, 2021, in order to be counted. So, exercise your right to vote!

Tim Edwards
Board Secretary