Member Advisory Committees: Essential To Communication

zoom meeting on computerThe average Co-op member doesn’t realize how important Advisory Committees are to their Cooperative membership, or how the area committees represent them. Advisory Committees were formed in 1981 to improve the communications between members, employees, and the Board of Directors. Directors attend the advisory committee meetings in their respective areas, and report any concerns or suggestions to the board as a whole.

At a typical meeting, the committee meets privately and then presents any concerns to Rio Grande Electric Cooperative (RGEC) management and board members. The area operations manager may present an overview of local projects, or may address recent storm damage, and associated repairs. Management may present information on timely topics, as well.

Five committees, each consisting of up to two representatives from a minimum of three memberships and a maximum of 12 memberships, meet twice yearly to discuss issues regarding the Cooperative. These important committees also appoint members to the District Nominating Committees, which are charged with selecting a qualified slate of candidates for the director election.

Committee members serve a term of three years. They are then required to vacate their seat for at least one year, before becoming eligible to be reappointed. This allows for new members and new ideas on the committees. The committee chairmen are elected during the March meeting, while new members are selected during September. This ensures there are always members familiar with the process seated on the committee.


The Member Involvement Survey which was included with your bill last month is one way of letting us know who is interested in being on a committee. However, if you are interested in serving on this or any other committee, please let us know any time. It is through member participation that co-ops are made stronger, by meeting the needs and wants of their consumer members.


Member Advisory Committee meetings are scheduled this month, as follows:

  • March 2 Alpine
  • March 3 Dell City
  • March 9 Brackettville
  • March 11 Carrizo Springs
  • March 16 Fort Stockton

To see who serves on your area committee, go to our Member Advisory Committee page.

Advisory Committee meetings may be held virtually, in-person, or a combination of the two, depending on the number of active local COVID-19 cases.