Interim CEO Message — March 2022

“Changes, Challenges, and Continuity”

Theresa QuirozWe have a major change here at Rio Grande that I need to share with you. Wednesday, February 16, CEO Roger Andrade tendered his resignation, effective February 28. The RGEC Board of Directors accepted the resignation, and made me Acting CEO, until March 1, when I became Interim CEO.

Change is always a challenge, but with change comes the opportunity to grow, to learn, and to improve. There will not be big, over-the-top changes at Rio Grande overnight. We all know our jobs, and continue doing them to the very best of our collective abilities. Our Co-op culture is such that our focus never waivers – we are all here to provide for the members’ needs.

What is an “ethos”, and why is it important to Rio Grande? An ethos is defined as “the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.” At Rio Grande, our ethos has been developed over the course of 77 years, and it remains as strong today as ever. Our core beliefs, dedication to the membership, and commitment to the 7 Cooperative Principles remain firmly engrained in our Co-op culture, and are preserved in perpetuity through the Board of Directors, and employees at every level.

I want to assure you the board is confident in my ability to lead RGEC as Interim Chief Executive Officer. I have been involved in the management of the Cooperative since being selected as one of the top candidates for CEO upon the retirement of our past CEO, Dan Laws. I have been with Rio Grande for 21 years, having served as Chief Operating Officer since 2017. I am intimately familiar with the business and operational aspects of the Cooperative.

My pledge to you is that Rio Grande remains unwavering in its commitment to provide the best possible electric service, steadfast in our dedication to the membership’s needs.

Theresa Quiroz