Critical Care Enrollment Time

Rio Grande Electric Cooperative (RGEC) maintains a list of those requiring electrical power to operate specialized life-sustaining medical equipment. It’s called the Critical Care Registry, and it is important that you provide current information every year, or whenever your condition or contact information changes. The form on the following page should be completed by you and your doctor, and returned to RGEC. It is available on the Manage Your Account page. Once your doctor completes the physician portion of the form and signs it, you may transmit it to the Co-op using the upload link found on the same page, or you may return by mail, or to your local area office.

Important reminders. Anyone who requires the use of medical equipment should have an alternate source of electric power, such as a battery backup system, and consider investing in a portable emergency generator. It is important to follow all safety guidelines when installing/operating a generator. RGEC does not provide generators. It is your responsibility to plan for and acquire a generator, if needed.

All members should keep meter/account numbers handy in the event of an outage. RGEC provides refrigerator magnets which contain spaces for recording meter/account numbers. If you need one, please call and we will provide you with one.

Contact your local emergency management office/law enforcement/EMS to inform them of your medical needs for their records. In the event of a power outage requiring someone in your home to be evacuated, the first responders will know what type of medical support is needed for the transfer.

Every person utilizing electrically powered medical equipment needs to be proactive in their own care -- their lives depend on it. Unavoidable power outages do happen, despite the investment of millions of dollars each year to strengthen and maintain the electric system. Sudden severe storms, vehicular accidents, tree limbs, animal contact, equipment failure, or other problems can interfere with electric service. The Co-op has emergency response plans in place and is ready at all times to begin restoring service as swiftly and safely as conditions allow. But, our members must also do their part to prepare for the eventuality of a power outage, for their own health, comfort, and safety.