Brackettville Electrical Engineer

Job Details



End Date

Until Filled

Job Type

Full-Time, Exempt

Job Description

To perform and assist with the general engineering activities of the Cooperative by applying proven technical knowledge, sound engineering judgment and proficient skill to insure that the electrical system meets present and future requirements and is rendering safe, efficient and reliable service to its members/owners at the lowest possible cost.

Working Conditions

  • Typically office environment
  • Extensive field work will be required in conjunction with normal office duties
  • May work around energized electrical facilities possibly to include substations, overhead and underground distribution lines and industrial construction sites
  • Travel may be required both inside and outside of RGEC’s service territory
  • Subject to irregular working hours
  • Work outside under various weather conditions and in varying types of terrain
  • To ensure all employees are provided with drug free and alcohol free working conditions, pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable cause and random drug and alcohol tests are conducted on all employees

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Primarily focused on the electrical system within RGEC’s service territory located in counties in both Texas and New Mexico (including military privatized systems)
  • Advise and assist Senior System Engineer with engineering and technical related issues
  • Helps assure that electrical facilities are constructed, maintained and operated to industry standards in accordance with sound engineering design principles
  • Assists with electrical system planning including long and short range plans and programs for the orderly development of transmission, substation and distribution facilities
  • Provide input to and coordination with RGEC engineering consultants on matters of system design, construction, operation and maintenance
  • Conduct system studies (load flow, short circuit/arc-flash, power factor, protective relays/device coordination and efficiency/system losses)
  • Perform electrical system modeling and analysis
  • Involved in all aspects of system monitoring, inspection, troubleshooting, planning and capital upgrade development
  • Effectively communicate technical information to management and engineering/field staff
  • Provide assistance to Cooperative personnel on all aspects of electric utility operations
  • Helps assure that designed electrical facilities meet NEC, NESC, RUS and Cooperative standards
  • Assist with other special projects as needed
  • Maintain confidential information

Job Related Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at accredited college or university (preferred)
  • Trained and experienced in electric utility system modeling, analysis, design, & operation
  • Five years’ experience in electric utility/power distribution field
  • Experience with underground electric utility systems
  • Experience with distributed generation and system interconnections (preferred)
  • Detail oriented, self-motivated with ability to organize and perform work efficiently
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Suite, Microsoft Project, GIS, AMR, SCADA, Milsoft WindMil, CYME Power Engineering software and AutoCAD (preferred)
  • Possess a valid Texas driver's license
  • Insurable with the Cooperative's auto insurance carrier
  • Possess oral and written communications skills in the English language
  • Must be or become certified in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • Possess excellent interpersonal skills including the ability to maintain a harmonious working relationship with all Cooperative employees

Special Requirements

  • Required to pass a physical examination when employed
  • Must have sufficient health to perform the essential functions, duties and responsibilities of the job
  • Sitting/standing/walking/driving for extended periods of time


Approved by: Larry Powell, Chief Specialized Project Development Officer
Date approved: January 17, 2020
Reviewed: January 17, 2020

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Benefits Information

RGEC pays very competitive salaries, and provides a benefits package, including:

  • Medical, Dental, Rx, and Vision
  • 401(k)
  • Retirement Security Plan (The Cooperative pays 100% of this for you.)
  • Long Term Disability Insurance

Notice of Equal Opportunity Employment

We expect employees to be honest, trustworthy, and operate with integrity. Discrimination and all unlawful harassment (including sexual harassment) in employment is not tolerated. We encourage success based on our individual merits and abilities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, marital status, citizenship status, military status, protected veteran status or employment status. We support and obey laws that prohibit discrimination everywhere we do business. We fully consider all qualified applicants including those with a criminal history.