Energy Articles

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Cold Spell Adds To Nuclear Power, Coal Argument for Perry Plan - The Texas Energy Report - 1.5.18

San Antonio's utility hits usage record with cold snap - San Antonio Express - News - 1.3.18

Any Way You Slice It, Wind and Solar Cost More and Deliver Less than Traditional Electric Power Sources - The Heartland Institute -  12.3.17

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What does Trump's repeal of environmental rules mean for Texas? - The Texas Tribune - 10.13.17

New Report Inadvertently Shows Texas Is Better At Fighting Global Warming Than California - The Daily Caller - 8.22.17

Fossil fuel protesters are mostly clueless about how much those low-cost fuels impact and improve their lives - The American -  8.22.17

TX Leads in Energy Consumption - Dallas News 8.21.17

Trump taps former McConnell aide to head Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - The Washington Times - 8.10.17

15 years after deregulation, should Texas revamp its power markets? - 8.8.17

Perry touts energy exports, awaits study on electric grid - Houston Chronicle - 7.18.17

Summer Electricity Demands Could Set New Records in Texas - NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth 6.26.17

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When Lightning Strikes - theHorse.com

Man killed in accident trimming trees near power lines - San Antonio Express News - 5.5.17

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With Senate confirmation, Perry takes reins at critical moment for Energy Department - Houston Chronicle 3.2.17

Rio Grande Electric Cooperative partners with EPA - 10.10.08