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Energy Articles

Texas Senate passes first bill to overhaul Public Utility Commission after deadly outages - Houston Chronicle - 3.26.21

ERCOT Predicts Record-Breaking Summer Electric Demand, Chance of Outages Low But Possible- NBC News, Dallas-Ft. Worth-3.25.21

Generators, carbon monoxide poisoning have killed more people than Hurricane Laura itself - SA Express News - 8.28.20

California could see more rolling outages amid heat wave - Associates Press - 8.15.20

Texas power demand exptected to hit record during heat wave - Reuters - 8.14.20

12-year-old sole survisor of Edinburg family's carbon monoxide deaths - The Monitor (Edinburg) - 7.28.20

Hot weather, low wind, outages will set new summer power record in Texas - Houston Chronical - 5.13.20

PUC Warns Electricity Consumers of Potential Fraud - Public Utility Commission of Texas - 4.17.20

U.S. power demand falls to 16-year low as coronavirus cuts use by companies - Reuters - 4.8.20

Summer heat comes early for ERCOT as prices spike to $80s/MWh - 3.30.20

Record electricity expected this summer - ERCOT - 4.5.20

Biggest update to energy law in decade heads to Senate with bipartisan support - Washington Examiner - 2.2.20

Energy Prices and Adjustment Tools Debated in Interim Senate and Business Finance Hearing- The Texan- 2.24.20

Summer price spikes reaching residential electric bills - Houston Chronicle - 11.21.19

Griddy CEO feels sick over big August bills but says price signals are future - San Antonio Express News - 11.18.19

This is why you should never plug space heaters into power strips. - San Antonio Express News - 11.12.19

Electricity prices up 43 percent this year, refelecting new price adders - Houston Chronical - 11.4.19

Sufficient generation expected for winter and spring - News Bulletins ERCOT.com - 11.7.19

The competitive Texas electric grid proves critics wrong again - Express News.com 10.2.19

Can state's grid manager be held accountable for its errors? - Houston Chronicle - 9.12.19

Texas power prices dive from record high as consumers conserve energy during heat wave - Reuters - 9.6.19

Texas power prices jump to record high as heat breaks state - Reuters - 9.5.19

ERCOT prices likely to spike with heat wave this week: analysts - S&P Global Platts - 9.3.19

July 2019 was the hottest month on record for the planet - NOAA - 8.15.19

The Texas Power Casino Pays Off (For Now) - The Washington Post - 8.20.19 - Power Market

Some Texas electric customers see sticker shock after heat wave - Fox 4 News 8.19.19 - Rates - Video

Texas Heat Wave Exposes Energy Grid Challenges - US News - 8.19.19

Strain on Texas electric market continues to grow - Community Impact Newspaper - 8.19.19

ERCOT calls 2nd energy emergency this week, 3rd in 5 years - Utility Dive - 8.16.19

Texas power prices nearly triple to record high as heat bakes state - Reuters - 8.16.19

On the Brink of Blackouts, Texas Makes Case for New Plants - Bloomberg.com - 8.14.19

Does Texas need to build more power plants? - Dallas News - 8.14.19

Power demand, prices soar with temperatures - Houston Chronicle - 8.14.19

New price adders boosting electricity prices in Texas - Houston Chronicle - 8.13.19

Texas power demand to hit record highs as heat bakes state - Reuters via WSAU news - 8.12.19

Texas power prices will drop this year, government says - Houston Chronicle - 8.9.19

Texas power prices almost double as heat wave boosts demand to record high - Reuters - 8.7.19

Heat wave results in highest US electricity demand since 2017 - Daily Energy Insider - 8.5.19

Renewable energy can't keep Texan's A/C humming - Houston Chronicle 7.18.19

Renewables' share of U.S. energy fell in 2018, EIA says - Houston Chronicle 7.1.19

Generator found in living room of house where three died in San Antonio - San Antonio Express News 6.4.19

Solar companies flock to a Texas tax break with questionable payback - San Antonio Express News - 3.21.19

Solar farm divides a ranching community - Houston Chronicle - 3.8.19

Hot summer and cold winter set new electricity records - Houston Chronicle - 3.7.19

Texas City's Renewable Energy Goal Hikes Electricity Prices - The Heartland Institute - 3.4.19

Higher revenues prompt Texas power makers to dust off old plants for summer - Houston Chronicle 2.7.19

ERCOT reserve margin declines further as municipality pulls Texas coal peaker - Utility Dive - 1.9.19

Get ready to super-cool your house this summer - Ktar.com - 7.27.18

TEC Announces Alliance With Rio Grande Electric Cooperative - Texas Electric Cooperatives - 7.26.18

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Rio Grande Electric Cooperative partners with EPA - 10.10.08

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